The Truth is most toddlers are natural sorters. By sorting, children understand that some objects are alike and others different.  Essentially, they are able to compare and contrast. Practicing sorting activities with your child at an early age develops and improves their ability to recognize patterns, and down the road it will help their math and reading skills.


The thinking involved and required in sorting objects starts your child on the path of applying logical thinking to objects, mathematical concepts and every day life in general.

A child knowing the difference between red, yellow and blue may seem very basic to us, but it is a lot harder for toddlers to wrap their head around it. Colour based sorting can make this development easier and more fun!

With Micah, I noticed that he likes to sort objects based on colours and attributes.  Since he knows all his colours and shapes, we started sorting activities based on colours. The colourful foam mats in his playroom and his Lego bricks were perfect together for his colour-based sorting activity.

I basically place the lego bricks on the mat and let Micah match the bricks to the colour of the foam mat. He does this until he runs out of bricks or gets bored… and then he is unto the next toy.

The first time we started sorting, I demonstrated each sort for him, after which I pretty much let him do it by himself. I try not to interfere when he is learning. When he doesn’t get it right, we try again on a different day and when I feel he is ready. I am so proud of Micah’s development. He has not started school but he is hitting milestones, speaks two languages, swims and enjoys his activities. He starts school in a year and we will definitely keep learning at home.

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