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These durable hardwood cubes come in six colours and are perfect for beginning counting, patterning, colour recognition and building. Also great learning basic geometric shapes.

Skill Development

Basic Concepts: Colours, counting, and learning about similarities and differences are all a part of pattern play. Work with your child to group the beads in different piles by colour or shape. Then begin to create patterns to help your child identify the different attributes of the beads and recognize what comes next in the pattern.

Mathematics: – As children create a repeating sequence of colours and shapes with the beads, they are creating AB patterning (e.g., red, blue, red, blue). Through patterning, they are beginning to recognize order and predictability. Add to the fun by counting the beads as they are laced in place.

Fine Motor: Picking up the individual beads uses pincer grasp and strengthens the muscles in the hand needed to write and perform daily living skills, like getting dressed and brushing teeth. Using two hands to play with the beads, by holding the lace steady with one hand and picking up and threading the beads on with the other, helps develop the ability to use hands cooperatively.


You can help your child develop auditory skills by verbalizing a sequence, having the child reproduce it with beads, then displaying the pattern card to check the work.

You can encourage children to create their own patterns, drawing and colouring them on paper. You can also ask children to verbalize the pattern to give further clues to their mastery of a skill.

Our set includes:

–        36 Wooden beads in four shapes (sphere, cylinder, cubes and triangles) and six non-toxic colours

–        15 Laminated pattern cards

–        2 Laminated instruction sheets (in English & French)

–        2 Sturdy laces


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