Maky's Corner is excited to present “The Pregnancy Diaries”…This is a new series where Mrs X takes us on her pregnancy journey. She will share all the expected & unexpected symptoms and emotions that come with pregnancy. Mrs X is currently three months pregnant so her diaries are up to date. We hope you enjoy our new Pregnancy 101 series and we look forward to meeting Mrs X's little one soon

Hey Guys

I’m glad to be able to write about my pregnancy journey on Maky’s Corner. In sharing my experience, I hope to be able to encourage new mummies / mummies-to-be and inform on what to expect, provide tips and remedies that are helping me during this journey. Enjoy ☺

From the very beginning The day I found out I was pregnant was one of the happiest days of my life. I had been so eager to be a mum and even though I knew it would happen, it could not happen soon enough! It wasn’t because of the pressures- We all know what I mean- but because I really felt I was ready and that it was my time. So naturally when I suspected I was pregnant, I told my husband. I cried, prayed and smiled to myself all day thinking “OMG my baby is growing inside me”. Immediately, we called my doctor and did the necessary blood work… It was confirmed and I was about 6 weeks gone! Whoop whoop whoop!! All was good in the hood… I wasn’t sick, I was normal…..this is gonna be a walk in the park….. so I thought!

First Trimester As typical as it could be, after the day I realised I was pregnant, I started having the symptoms at 6 weeks 1 day. Initially I thought… Mrs X, stop being dramatic, you have been fine so far, why are you suddenly wanting to act like a pregnant woman?

SMELLS The first thing that got me were the smells…OMG everything stunk from deodorant, shower gels, perfume, food, human beings, EVERYTRHING. Very quickly smells made me want to barf, I was very paranoid because I felt I could smell myself needless to say I was always having showers like 2 times a day. Going to work was always daunting – no hugs and avoiding going to the kitchenette. I had to avoid humans especially men and their smelly things. Lol- my husband had to get ready in a different room especially when spraying perfume and deodorant.

MY TIP: Lemons…somehow I loved the smell of lemons so I always carried one around to smell when the need arose! NO I’m not a freak it’s either that or throw up! Cooking: If you have a support system that can assist you with the cooking for a while, use them!! It will save you a lot of headache and nausea.


Week 7: I woke up with this metallic taste in my mouth. I undertook my usual routine i.e. brush my teeth and it seemed worse. I quickly Googled the reason for this and found out it was a typical symptom….ok then how bad can it be!! BOY oh BOY!! As a glorified foodie, my new pregnancy taste buds ruined my love relationship with a lot of food. To put it in word, it’s like a metallic coating on the top of the tongue that refuses to go away. It altered the way I ate and what I drank; this combined with the smell was a really nasty blend. I felt so strange, sweets/ anything sugary were the worst! It left the most bitter after taste in my mouth, in fact anything that had more than 3 ingredients couldn’t make it down to be digested- garlic, thyme, meats, rice sauces, soups, drinks- nothing seemed to help…. As you do, I visited quite a few pregnancy blogs for tips; some people suggested pickles, salt and vinegar crisps gum etc. For me – neither of these things worked. ☹

MY TIPDrinks – Ribeana, lemon/lime water Food- I don’t have much of an appetite so it’s really whatever works at that moment in time for now And lastly I’m always sucking on mints and chewing mint gums

BODY/ NAUSEA/ TIRED Like most normal pregnant women, I am always tired and sleepy. Afternoon naps are very necessary; I’m usually dosing off by 8pm in the evening and then waking up by 3am, which is a bit annoying. Even though I sleep a lot, I don’t think I’m sleeping very well. Usually light sleep, tossing and turning, very uncomfortable and peeing every hour. I had bouts of burping earlier but it’s very temperamental, sometimes I burp through the night sometimes I don’t!! Week 6 My body started changing -– my breasts started to enlarge-which made me happy.

Week 10My uterus lining became thicker and my tummy had started to protrude- the lower belly. To be honest in terms of beauty, I started feeling a mess, moisturising my skin is now a chore because of smells, I have no desire to do or style my hair and nails are such a mess. Basically everything I enjoyed doing before pregnancy has become long specifically in the beauty department. ☹ My nausea became really bad in the last weeks of my first trimester…. This really crippled me as I wasn’t expecting it. I had been throwing up but from week 11 it became so bad – I was practically on bed rest because motion/ smells, food, anything could trigger the sickness.. I visited the white porcelain friend like 4 – 5 times a day!! It was really really really bad!!.

EMOTIONS My pregnancy has taught me a lot about myself, I am sooo excited that a child is growing inside me – such an amazing thought!!. However to be honest, the experience wasn’t what I expected. I did not feel I was prepared, as no one ever mentioned what they went through. You usually hear things like

“oh! I had morning sickness”, or

“My delivery was this”

“My delivery was that”.

Nothing else!! For me, experiencing my body changes made me in awe of God, but at the same time I felt I was in a battle I wasn’t prepared for. I cried a lot, I had bouts of gratitude and at the same time felt slighlty inadequate…how this could be? I started to pray a lot but sometimes I was so overwhelmed that I did not know what to pray for… I would beat myself up, sometimes questioning my ability-

“What mother cannot pray for her child?”

I would cry again… then think of God’s promise in my life and then I’ll be excited, hopeful and happy.- Basically I suppose I can say I was a wreck. I also learnt to rely on my family and they have been great. This has helped me and I use their strengths to assist me in growing emotionally. However every day is a different day and I don’t know what to expect –All I know is I am happy and blessed, and in time I will deal with these other bits.

FIRST TRIMESTER TIPSEvery pregnancy is different and this series is about my experience. However, there are some things I believe every pregnant woman would benefit from in alleviating their symptoms. They are:-

  • Get your scans in early to check your baby’s position and health and to make sure all is well with your womb. If you have any fibroids, locate where they are and make sure they don’t affect your baby (also make sure you get your translucency scan from weeks 11-13). This will definitely give you peace of mind.
  • Vitamins are very important, I use pregnacare max. I’m not a massive fan but it does the required job and in addition I make sure I get the required amount of folic acids, blood tonic and fruit and veg.
  • Invest in a good book or 2… I read the pregnancy bible & conception, pregnancy and delivery.
  • Being a technology mummy I love Pregnancy Apps. My favourites are baby bump, the bump, baby center please beware that it can get very scary quite quickly, especially when reading about women who have had negative experiences- select what you read.
  • Pregnancy prayer apps: this has been great!! It provides day to day prayers based on your babies daily development, and it helps you focus with its specific prayer points. it has been very useful for me especially with the daily affirmations ☺
  • Please avoid drinking or smoking.

I hope this article has not been too tedious, I really want to be as honest as I can be from month to month. I would also appreciate if expecting mothers can share their experience/ tips/symptoms in the comments section. Every new mum is learning and it always helps to know others are experiencing the same thing.   In the words of my fav TV girl Ellen “Till next time be kind to one another” xoxo


  • biola Posted February 24, 2015 3:27 pm

    I am in my 9th week and I can’t wait to get over the first trimester. Heard morning sickness eases then. My 7th & 8th week was very difficult but its getting better by the day.I drink only ribena, capri sonne, and very cold water. I can only eat beans, pap and sweet potato else I’ll throw up. I chew minty gum for the funny mouth taste.
    I pray I have a smooth journey. Can’t wait to rock my bump.

  • Nancy Posted February 24, 2015 4:42 pm

    Very nice write up

  • Jo Posted February 24, 2015 6:45 pm

    Hello, great article. I am a first time mum, currently in my 2nd trimester 21 weeks.My advice for nausea though I was lucky enough not to have morning sickness is water and lemon. Drinking loads of water helps with the nausea. I also found spicy food helped me, only thing I could stomach. If you can exercise please do, it helps to make you feel good.
    I had joint pains from about 8 weeks my hip joint moved out of place, if you do experience this see a physio that specialises in women’s health and lastly bleeding in first tri is normal so don’t be worried if it happens.

  • Uche Posted February 24, 2015 8:47 pm

    I’m Extreme happy about this write up. I was just telling my sister inlaw that I wish more women shared their stories regarding the different stages of pregnancy so that we can be better prepared for it. I am currently going on 9weeks. I thought I was so prepared for pregnancy but I realise that I’m not. I get really sick. I don’t want to do anything. I can smell myself and I can smell things miles away. Cooking is the worst thing for me right now. I find that indomie or ramen works well for me. Just as long as it’s spiced with Cameroon pepper. And I’m completely off water now. Can only stomach ginger ale. And I was never into soda before I got knocked up. Sometimes I feel so ungrateful for this blessing. Tell me I’m not alone in this feeling. I feel like I’ve lost myself. And I feel like such a complainer. Especially with the knowledge that this is what some people have prayed years for. But I can’t help myself. Hopefully things will get better. I cannot wait to read your second trimester story. Thanks for this amazing write up.

  • ray Posted February 25, 2015 9:07 am

    Nice article, thanks for the tips, I’m also a first time mummie and I’m presently in my 12th week. My first trimester wasn’t so hard no much vomiting or stooling, only tiredness, the sore taste in my mouth and lots of headaches! I’m hoping the 2nd trimester will be even better.

  • OGECHUKWU (@Miss_Oge) Posted February 25, 2015 11:10 am

    I am in my 2nd trimester, week 26. Im stronger now than during the first trimester, its just that the metallic taste in my tongue has not stopped. I was really consoling myself that it would stop by now, smh. First trimester was hell for me, I was all alone here in Dundee. Hubby is back in Nigeria, but I went back for Christmas and New Year, so during that time I was able to eat better since we were mostly eating out or he did the cooking. I could not really eat what I cooked. Nothing helped with the nausea and vomiting. I tried EVERYTHING. Anyway i thank God for how far I’ve come, Its been by his grace.

  • Yesha Posted February 25, 2015 2:30 pm

    I’m 28 weeks pregnant and the nausea still hasn’t gone away, the smells are the worst. I can barely wear perfume and most creams and deodorants make me sick, also my husband isn’t allowed to use his deodorant and perfumes around me lol. Pregnancy is not what I bargained for at all, but I’m super thankful for this blessing. Nothing really helped my first trimester nausea, but peppery meals, sour candy and putting ginger in my drinks gave me slight temporary relief.

  • Abby Posted March 2, 2015 11:25 am

    This is a nice article. i didnt have a lot of symptoms when i was pregnant. I only barfed twice (most likely becos of goat meat peppersoup i had from God knows where…lol) however, saltines and ginger ale help all the nausea feeling…and the spit up too. someone told me to try bitter kola but….hell no! i did not try that. crackers, crackers and ginger all…:)

  • Lara Posted March 4, 2015 12:44 am

    I’m 12weeks and we have the same ish except I don’t vomit and I don’t sleep and I’ve lost 7kg. I force myself to sleep 8pm tho I end up sleeping 10 and I’m up from 12am to 5am.I just wake up 12am, always. Done all techniques I’ve read about, nothing works. And I just fall back to sleep 5 and wake up every hour till 7 and I don’t sleep again Till 10pm.

  • Nicky Posted March 6, 2015 12:05 am

    Someone spoke about bleeding in the first trimester. I still want to be sure, is it normal. I don’t throw up but I easily get constipated and the metallic taste in the mouth *yuck*. I need light thrown on the bleeding please.

  • Misi Posted June 2, 2015 12:05 pm

    I had the worst first trimester. Just like you, I started throwing up immediately I took my first urine test, it was like magic. I threw up like 15 times a day, I lost all my weight and was lifeless. I spent most of my first trimester on drip at the hospital. I tried all the tricks online and offline, nothing worked. I cried my eyes out. The most annoying times are when the people that obviously had it easy think i’m exaggerating as a mummys girl. I fought with my husband over anything and everything, I sometimes blamed him mentally for what I was going through. For someone active in sports (I play lawn tennnis 4times a week, I was so angry that i had to give it up for awhile. I tried keeping a diary but I found it will mostly contain pains and struggles and I didn’t want my child to grow to read such, so I stopped. like some of you, I kept counting down to week 12 (before I annoying found out 13weeks makes up 3months) hoping the whole thing will subside, but mehnnnnnn I was still admitted at week 16 for not being able to keep anything down. Yea, I was eager to see a bump too, I had nice muscles before so I was a late bloomer but its here now. I started feeling my baby’s kicks earlier than usual and it made up for all the tiring moments. I still cried so much yesterday just cos I was worrying over if hubby and I will make a good parents, I think you get very pessimistic when you are pregnant. Right now, I am looking forward to a last vacation before I become a mummy, and il get to start shopping for my sweetheart. I have been learning nursery rhymes online too lol. I did a scan few days ago and now that I know the sex(not what I was hoping for, but whichever way God has ordained is perfect for me), its even realer…. I cant thank God enough for finding little me worthy of the kind of blessing. Oh, I must also add that I have the best husband any woman can pray for, since the day 1 of my pregnancy to this day, I can tell you that he has owned up in the kitchen department. cooks my morning meal before leaving for work, leaves a snack for lunch, and cooks our dinner when he comes back (if I cook i’ll probably throw up), my love doesn’t even want my mum to help him out to cook my meals. At week 23, I still throw-up especially when get out of bed without eating first, fried meals, beans, and times I cant explain. I also have this mad right rib pain (they say its probably the weight of the baby). And as for the sex department,im on sabbatical o lol (I will like to know how others are doing in this department). All in all, I praise God.

  • Ifeoma Posted June 2, 2015 8:36 pm

    Hi Misi,I think you have HG, a severe form of morning sickness just like my mom but I’m glad it’s not as worse as it used to be. I did throw up and all during the first semester so much so that I preferred throwing up to the everyday nausea. I got relief from 14weeks and at halfway now, all I see is a cute bump, weight gain, lioness appetite, pelvic and tummy aches. I am loving the whole thing now. It’s so beautiful.

  • Misi Posted June 3, 2015 9:10 am

    Yes ifeoma, exactly what it was;Hyperermesis

  • Sally Posted July 2, 2015 11:15 pm

    Hi Nicky, spotting during your 1st trimester could be normal as the baby is trying to plant itself to the uterus. So that’s normal. But major bleeding, see your DR.

  • Bee Posted March 4, 2016 10:33 pm

    You are not alone. I’m currently in my 13th week, but it feels like I have been pregnant for a year. I feel like crap! I can barely find me anymore. I try so hard not to sound ungrateful but the constant puking, spitting, nausea, weakness and abdominal cramps don’t help. I’m off cooking for now as my sense of smell is suddenly the sharpest. I can only eat spicy indomie and yam and I can drink water if its very cold. I wasn’t prepared for this feeling either. No one told me it was this difficult. I find myself crying a lot. And from the depth of my heart I pray that my 2nd trimester would be a whole lot better.

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