Honestly, sometimes I struggle with prayer – I know I am still far from where God wants me to be but by His grace I can be transformed in this area. I love this article from Iyayi Osayi and decided to share. Read and be encouraged…….
“My relationship with God has often struggled in the area of prayer. I have often wondered; how long do I need to pray for to really reach the core of the presence of God? Is worship considered part of prayer- does the time worshiping prior count? How does ‘praying in the Spirit’ for the whole length of time come across? How can I really continue praying for 1 hour when I am done with what I need to say in 5 minutes? Well these questions got me searching for answers and this is what I found…
I read an article somewhere about the stages of prayer and I thought it truly broke things down very nicely for me. Of course when I got this revelation I got so excited and made up an easy-to-remember acronym which will serve as a guide in the place of prayer. I found a quiet place and was excited to practise, just to see how long this will carry me for in prayer. To my excitement, I got through an hour of prayer without even knowing; by the time I looked at the clock I noticed that I had been at it for one whole hour- I had stepped into the realm of the spirit where time was no longer a part of the equation. Now some might wonder what my excitement is about praying for one hour when they do 3 hours daily. Well, my excitement stems from the fact that my prayer time went from a weak 10 minutes or so to a fantastic 1 hour in such a short time. That said, I believe anyone can benefit from guided praying since there’s no harm in moving to 5 hours prayer time if you already pray for 3 hours.
This is how I summarised the prayer steps to make it easy to remember in the place of prayer, you can of course edit and tweak it in a way that would work for you.
The acronym is ACTS:
ADORATION: This is where we adore Him for who He is. Sing Praise and worship your creator and say to Him who He is and what He means to you. Enter into the presence of God through the Blood of Jesus. At this stage you must ignore all distractions- it’s just the enemy trying to stop you from pressing in. Mean every word you sing to Him in praise and worship- this is KEY.
CONFESSION: At this point confess your sins- every single one of your sins still pending. Ask for forgiveness of all sins- both known and unknown. Pray according to His Word in 1John 1:9.
1John 1:9; “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”
THANKSGIVING: Now count your blessings and name them one by one. Thank Him for all He has done in time past, for what He is doing and what He is yet to do. No matter the situation you find yourself, there are so many things to be thankful to God for. At this point during my personal prayer time, I thank Him as mentioned above and then I continue by saying- ‘is it not You my God who did this and that?’, and I list as many things as I can remember.
SUPPLICATION: This is the part a lot of people usually start and end with, but I love that this is at the end because if we have really pressed in through the previous stages, we are now so deep in the spirit that the spirit of God starts to put the right words in our mouths on what to ask for and how. We now speak the mind of God as the Spirit gives us utterance. As we ask He answers because we are speaking His heart- we are praying His will for us.
I pray that your prayer life will be changed for the better. Please do share your testimonies. God bless you”
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