My Fit Pregnancy Journey

I’m writing this post based on my personal experience as I’m progressing with my pregnancy journey. As a fitness addict before I got pregnant, it only made more sense for me to continue even while pregnant. I’ve seen a lot of fit buffs online and read a lot of articles before hand but the only thing that matters really is YOUR body. While some women go through hell during pregnancy, some are lucky to have it easy. I think I’m in between as I’ve experienced the good and the bad.

The 1st Trimester went like a breeze and I ran all through as I mentioned in previous posts. My preggo friend wasn’t as fortunate as she was really ill all through the first trimester but I kept encouraging her to eat clean as much as she can. Please note that nutrition is 80% while fitness is 20% and eating a more balance diet during pregnancy is as good as lighting heavy weights.

During the 2nd Trimester, my bump was more visible and I got a bit heavier so I had to slow down my runs from 5miles to 5kms and from 4 times a week to 3 times a week. I also reduced my weights before I started suffering from PPGP (pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain) and according to research, this affects one in five women during pregnancy. I was unlucky to be one of the five and the pain was beyond excruciating! I took a break from all hard activities including working out but I introduced Yoga for stretching and I did loads of squats without weights. Even though my midwife said the pain would go on till after delivery, I reminded God of His promises concerning my pregnancy! I woke up one day and the pain was gone! The moment I didn’t feel pain anymore, I resumed cardio but only in form on brisk walking.

Truth be told, the more active and fit you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be for you to adapt to your shape changing and most importantly your weight gain. I’ve received a lot of positive comments on how I look during pregnancy but it takes a lot of personal effort. Even though the weather is horrible right now, I still make an effort to log in my routines for the week when I’m up to the task. I also read that being fit will help during labour which I’m looking forward to as this is my first baby.

If you’re pregnant and thinking of what exercises to do while you are pregnant, I’ll advise you to continue what you were doing before you got pregnant and not introduce your body to new routines. You have to stick to what works for you and not what you see online or at the gym. There are days when I intentionally leave my Oyster card at home so I can enjoy long walks, even though my husband thinks I’m a bit of a weirdo. Lol! If you walk 30mins daily throughout your pregnancy, you’re better off than someone who sits by the TV all day moaning about being pregnant.

With the amount of energy that comes with the 2nd Trimester, it’s a good time to put in more work but most importantly, rest when you can! Wear comfortable fitness gears and supportive shoes to keep your balance. Exercise is not dangerous for your baby – there is some evidence that active women are less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and labour.

As I’m gradually counting down to the end of my pregnancy, I plan to continue brisk walking and doing loads of pelvic floor exercises till the very end.

Wishing everyone an amazing  2016 and all mums-to-be a successful pregnancy term!

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