Micah’s playroom is one of our favourite rooms in our new home and he LOVES IT! In our previous home, we didn’t have space for a playroom so we pretty much converted our living space to his playroom – fun for Micah but it meant we didn’t have our own space. With a spare guest room in our new home, we decided it would be best for Micah to have his own play and learn room. He spends a lot of time outside and pretty much plays everywhere but this is a fun space, where we promote his learning through play.

The first time I saw this space, I contacted a close friend, an interior designer for help in designing a playroom but then I changed my mind. His playroom will get messy everyday – it’s a room that invites play and a place for my little adventurer to explore. So, I wanted the perfect playroom for my son that didn’t require me to break the bank.

When you walk into the room, there is space for everything and we can find things easily. The best part about the room is that it does not take too much time to tidy up at all, thanks to all the storage boxes & shelves.

Some elements in Micah’s playroom:

This room has wooden floors and we know that while playing, Micah is going to run around, slip and fall. So right away we decided to cover it. We looked at carpets and rugs but they were crazy expensive and for a playroom, very difficult to maintain. We wanted something soft, colorful and relatively inexpensive so we settled on these foam squares. The foam squares are easy to maintain and can be customized to the size of any room. An extra bonus – Micah loves the colours and we use it to practice our colours – all round win, love it!

In addition to the room’s built-in storage, the main storage for his toys is the Ikea kallax bookcase – it makes perfect storage for his playroom. The squares naturally give a sense of organisation to the room. We also bought lots of fun open-toped storage boxes for his toys which allows him to easily put his own toys away and much more convenient than having plastic bins with lids… oh yeah ignore the foil squares, we use them for our paint brushes and bottles, lol

Wall Stickers
Walls stickers are a great and inexpensive way to add colour to your child's nursery or playroom. Micah loves it now but when he gets bored, I will simply replace it with another one - So easy, anyone can do it! 

Lots of Books
Micah loves reading and we read a lot together. I love this bookcase because it allows us to display books so that Micah can see the front covers rather than the book spines. I kept his favourite board books low enough in the bottom shelve for him to easily pick up and the larger books with paperback on the top shelve.

Micah is a little tough on his books at the moment so many of his books are stored in areas where he can’t reach them – for now! I love used books and I only buy new books if we can’t find great deals on used books.  

Table and chairs
I really liked the kritter table and chair set from Ikea but because I felt Micah was going to outgrow it quite soon we went with the mammut table and chair instead. This table is great for all his activities and snack time in his playroom

Practical Life
We don’t have a play kitchen…thanks papa! Lol so when its time to pretend play we use the pots and colourful kitchen utensils. We love these wooden food items, which include milk, cheese, bananas, watermelon and so much more.

It’s a great way to teach your child about fruits and vegetables. I usually ask Micah to identify each food item. I also ask him to place each food item into the different crates one by one. He is too young to group them by categories. Another way I use these items is to ask Micah to identify the colours of each food item. It can also be used for older kids - there is so much you can do with it.

Puzzles reinforce logic, critical thinking, visualization, creativity, and fine motor skills. With Micah, I have also found that they teach him patience and persistence. I don't interfere when it's puzzle time and Micah used to get so frustrated, trying to get me to guide him but these last few months, he has become ridiculously good at puzzles. Now he takes his time, no matter how long that is. He thinks about each puzzle and at end he get it right! 

This is what is left of Micah’s musical toys, lol. Your kids banging away may not always be the most pleasant thing to listen to but exposing your child to the fun of creating music is a great way to spark their interest.

Get Active
Micah loves his tunnel. It is great because it helps him build core strength and gross motor skills like balance, coordination and weight shifting. 

Micah loves both of his Easels. They are both double sided. A great learning tool as they promote learning in a colourful and fun way. We use these easels to develop his creativity through painting and drawing… the magnetic pieces assist him in understanding letters and numbers. When he is slightly older I intend to use them with Micah for spelling.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this LONG tour of our newly completed playroom (even though Micah has already left his mark on the walls… haha)

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