Lego Counting & Tower Matching Activity

Both my kids love Lego Duplo and we have plenty of Lego bricks at home so why not teach by leveraging this interest and using this classic toy as a vehicle?😊

When you use high interest materials such as Lego to teach an academic skill it motivates and engages young children… plus research has shown that when children are motivated they learn more.

An additional benefit, when children play with lego, they are also developing their fine motor sills and hand eye coordination as they grasp, put together and take apart Lego blocks.

The objective is for Micah to build a tower that matches the tower on the card.

First, he traces the number with his finger and counts, then he builds the blocks.

This activity develops or reinforces counting, logical reasoning, visual discrimination, colors, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. .

I also use different shades of the same colour for the Lego to teach him visual discrimination of shades of colour

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