This post is long overdue! It’s been a busy few months for me, in addition to welcoming our healthy, beautiful baby girl, Eliana in June, I am beyond excited to announce that I published my first baby and toddler weaning and recipe book. 

Those of you that follow my journey on the various social media platform already know this but I’m so so happy to finally announce it on the blog! 

The first time I saw the book, it brought tears to my eyes! I cant wait for you all to see all of my hard work (blood, sweat and tears) and for your little and not so little ones to try all the delicious recipes.

Micah’s Meals (so fitting, because Micah is truly my inspiration for the cook book) is more than just a cookbook; it is the quintessential guide to your baby’s important first years of feeding. From the introduction of solid foods at 6 months, Micah’s Meals provides information on taste, texture and what foods to avoid in order to help make the transition to family meals easier for your little one. To ensure the information in this book is top-notch, I’ve worked with Rosie Letts, a nutritional therapist and the founder of Bump & Beyond Nutrition, a specialist nutritional consultancy that supports women through pregnancy, breastfeeding and introducing solids to their babies. 
Micah’s Meals is an invaluable guide that is suitable for both the novice and experienced cook. Containing an exciting and diverse range of recipes, from fruit salad puree to jollof risotto, it is the perfect addition to any parent or carer’s kitchen.

Beyond 160 recipes, Micah’s Meals includes:

•All you need to know about weaning your kids (seriously, it covers everything)

•Weekly Menu plans

•Tips for wholesome baby feeding and fussy eating

•Over 40 beautiful and enticing full-color photos

You can order the cook book for Nigeria here and the rest of the world here.

 Please check back on the blog as I will posting updates on the book launch, promo tour (yes it’s happening) and so much more 

God bless…x 

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  • Bibi Posted November 20, 2016 9:34 pm

    Because of your hard work, my children will not eat baby food when they arrive. I didn’t even know it was possible. Thank you.

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